The best way to rescue photos

These days everyone uses a digital camera to capture memorable moments. Digital camera memory card comes in different size, but work of all memory cards is same that is to store photos. Nowadays memory cards are used in mobile phones, tablets, iPod etc., to capture photos of the moments they have spent with special ones. But the important thing is to keep back up of those memorable moments in an external storage device.

Many users think the photos they have stored in memory card are safe and don’t get lost forever. There are numerous reasons where you can lose your valuable photos that you have captured for memory purpose; some of them by virus attack, accidental formatting, file corruption etc. So be prepared for such tragedy to happen, one best thing is to keep back up of your photos, if you don’t have any back up and photos get lost due to any of above stated circumstances then it would be problematic. Many people after losing their important photos gets frustrate and start thinking what to do, how to regain? Now onwards it’s very easy to handle and recoup photos from any lost situations. Because there is a tool called photo recovery software with the help of this you can obtain your photos from memory cards, hard drive etc. To know more information how to regain lost photos visit

Some common reasons which are responsible for losing photos are stated below:

  • Memory card corruption: This is the most common reason which leads to loss of photos. Memory card gets corrupt due to various reasons like improper ejection of memory card, virus attack etc. Memory card corruption makes the photos on the memory card inaccessible.
  • Accidental Formatting: Formatting is something that is done to clear the data in another external device, and making it as new. However, formatting a device unintentionally might lead to loss of photos. This happens when user wants to format one partition but by mistake formats the other partition leads to loss of photos from that drive.
  • Abrupt shut down: When the camera or system suddenly switches off during transfer of photos from one device to another device photos might get lost due to improper transfer process, this type of situations happens due to power surge, abrupt removing of memory card etc.
  • Purposely formatting: If your storage device gets intruded by the virus attack then you can’t access the photos from it, for further use you format storage device which results in loss of photos.

The previously discussed reasons are some common scenarios where most of the users come across photo loss situation and gets panic in such position. Now photo loss from any storage device is not a big problem because with the help of this software you can get back your lost photos.

Few tips to avoid photo loss from storage devices:

  • You have to maintain back up of your important photos in another storage device.
  • Have to use authorized antivirus software in your device to prevent virus attack.
  • You should not completely stuff your memory card with photos and should take photos off card regularly in order to avoid corruption.

This software does not modify your existing lost photos; rather it just reads it and recreates the same files in a path specified by you. This software scans the entire drive in few minutes to regain deleted photos, audio and video files. By using this tool you can recommence / saving process any time using save recovery session feature, this guarantees that you need not to rescan your device to locate lost data.

Just download the demo version of this software to know how it recoups your lost photos. Even you can see your obtained photos after regaining with the aid of preview option. If you are satisfied with the result obtained and want to save your recoup photos, you have to purchase full version of this tool.