How to recover deleted documents

It’s really amazing that a single button press on keyboard or mouse click can change the way of your work. One small mistake can make the loss of hours or days or even the life time’s work to be deleted or lost. It happens only due to carelessness of a computer user or the bad luck to get data deleted. But any file that is disappeared is not lost forever.

One can easily recover deleted files Windows XP, using file recovery software. This tool is designed to support to recover deleted documents from Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc. Suppose you have deleted any important file from your computer hard drive, before making use of this software just make sure that the deleted file is not stored in Recycle Bin because the documents that are stored in Recycle can be easily restored by using “Restore” option. If you do not find the required file in Recycle Bin then go ahead to recover it by using file recovery software.

As we know that any storage device has its limit to store the data, many user wants to delete unwanted files from storage device to make free space for storing new data. In some circumstances the user can delete the required files while deleting unwanted files from the hard drive. Then if the backup copy of these files is not available, the user can lose them permanently.

The files that are deleted on Windows computer using “Shift + Delete” key cannot be stored in Recycle Bin and bypass from the Recycle Bin and hence lead to loss of data. Even emptying Recycle Bin without being aware of important files stored in it can create serious data loss situations. When you empty the Recycle Bin, the whole data stored in it will be erased within a matter of second.

The virus attack can corrupt files stored on hard drive or other storage devices. Virus creates duplicate copies of files and makes all files as inaccessible. Therefore to avoid virus attack many people install antivirus software in their system. If the antivirus tool detected any files that are corrupted due to virus attack, then it will delete this file from the hard drive.

When any file is deleted, it will not be erased permanently, just the pointer that is pointed to the file location is deleted and the space is marked as deleted. The deleted files remain intact until the space is overwritten by new data. If you overwritten the space occupied by the deleted file, then chances of recovery may reduced. Therefore whenever you realize the deletion of important file, immediately stop using your system and start to recover it using Windows data recovery software.

Windows data recovery software is a strong recovery application designed especially to recover files on all versions of Windows operating system. This software can recover large number of files effectively because it has strong inbuilt scanning algorithm. With the help of this it scans the complete drive and restores all data without missing any single file. It can support document recovery from both FAT and NTFS partitions. It is also available in demo version, using which one can evaluate data recovery before purchasing this software. Using demo version of the software you can recover all deleted or lost files and view them but to save them you need to purchase complete version of this software.