An external drive is a portable storage device that can be connected to computer or laptop to transfer or move file and folders. Usually, external drives have high storage capacities and often used to backup information from computer or other storage device. Since, there is no doubt that external drive brings great convenience for people… Read Article →

Few days back I was performing some important task on my computer system, which after completion I saved in one of the partition of the hard disk of my system. Because of some unfamiliar reason I lost that preserved file from my system. I tried a lot to find that file everywhere in my computer,… Read Article →

RAR is an indigenous file format of WinRAR. Basically RAR files are data containers, which means it has the ability of storing several data files in a compressed from. In case if you want to use the files stored in it, you need to extract it. Hence it is very useful and great technique to… Read Article →

Yesterday, I connected 8 GB USB drive to my Mac computer to backup some crucial files. But, due to sudden power surge, my Mac PC got terminated and I removed the USB drive. Afterwards, when I reconnected, an error message popped up saying that “USB drive not formatted, would you like to format now?” I… Read Article →

“I am need of help….! Few days ago, I have accidentally deleted video of my child’s birthday event from memory card on Mac computer. I do not have legal backup on any other storage device. I am in need of need that video. Can anyone help me to get back deleted video from memory card… Read Article →

Files like images, audio, videos, etc. are stored on GoPro camera containing SD card. It is one of the popular cameras used for the purpose of video photography. You can store videos of your friend’s marriage function, office party, child’s birthday event, etc. But, while operating it, you may experience data loss scenarios. In order… Read Article →

MS Word is the most advanced software used by industrial experts worldwide for creating doc and docx files with the help of its wonderful attributes like insertion of images, hyperlink, fonts etc which make the document look more appealing. In spite of all this advantageous features, you have some disadvantages which creates problem for the… Read Article →

Nowadays, memory cards are widely used in cell phones, digital camera models, etc. to save pictures, videos, audio, etc. Today, assigning memory card to friends, new employees, etc. in banks, hospitals, and offices is very familiar. Before this, there is a necessity to completely delete files from memory card. In order to do this kind… Read Article →

If your any important file has been deleted from your desktop, then it is obvious that you would be in great trouble. At any point of time you find that your important file has been deleted from your computer then do not be worried about this you can easily get back your important files …. Read Article →

Have you accidentally deleted partition data while re-installing operating system? If your reply is yes, then no need to worry. Use this most professionally skilled and talented tool known as rescue partition program to get back partition data deleted due to re partitioning of hard drives of different types like IDE, SSD, PATA, SATA and… Read Article →

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