Best NTFS Recovery program

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Few days back I was performing some important task on my computer system, which after completion I saved in one of the partition of the hard disk of my system. Because of some unfamiliar reason I lost that preserved file from my system. I tried a lot to find that file everywhere in my computer, but couldn’t discover anywhere. My computer includes NTFS partitions, so to bring back files from NTFS partition I searched a remedy on internet after a pretty long search I managed to get this below described details.

Are you willing to get back data from NTFS partition? If yes then do not worry, just draw the aid of a proficient NTFS recovery software, which has the potential of bringing back lost data from NTFS partition. For more details regarding NTFS recovery click here:

Before getting in to the features of NTFS recovery application, let us have a short discussion on some important scenarios on account of which data gets lost from NTFS partition.

  • Corruption of file system: Corruption of NTFS file system results in losing the access to NTFS partitions, which will lead to severe loss of data.
  • Formatting of NTFS partitions: In case you format any partition of NTFS hard drive then all its data will get lost in moments.
  • Improper Partitioning: During the partitioning of hard drive one should be cautious, because if any kind of error occurs in between the process then there is a chance of losing existing NTFS partitions and its data.
  • Crashing of system: At times it happens that the operating systems of computer get crashes on account of sudden rebooting of system, improper turn off etc. If operating system crashes then there exists a chance of losing data contained in NTFS partition.

In addition to these, there are exists various other reasons as a result of which data from NTFS partitions get lost. But in any case you don’t have to get worried, because now within few clicks of mouse you could obtain back data from NTFS partition.

With the help of NTFS recovery software is it possible to recover deleted NTFS partition?

Of course, it is possible. With the assistance of NTFS recovery application you can easily do NTFS undelete from hard disk of computer.

Top features of NTFS recovery application are explained below:

  • This NTFS recovery software has the power of bringing back the data that was lost or erased or formatted from NTFS partition.
  • It’s a user friendly NTFS recovery application.
  • This application has inbuilt powerful scanning engine, which allow you to scan entire NTFS hard disk, and restore lost data from NTFS partitions.
  • With the help of this tool you can recover any kind of file from NTFS partition such as photo files, music, video clips and so on.
  • It is a trusted NTFS recovery application, which is preferred by recovery experts.
  • With the aid of this software you could restore data from FAT16, FAT32, and Ex-FAT partitions too. Along with these, this software has many other supportive features.

Try the trial edition of this tool, which is available on website. If you feel it is helpful then opt for its paid edition.

Tool to Repair RAR Files

RAR is an indigenous file format of WinRAR. Basically RAR files are data containers, which means it has the ability of storing several data files in a compressed from. In case if you want to use the files stored in it, you need to extract it. Hence it is very useful and great technique to avoid the use of memory space on computer hard disk.

RAR file is one of the most common formats used. Since it is widely used there are many problems which are faced by the users of it. The main problem is the files refuse to get extracted.

There are some reasons which tends you to get into these kind of problem, the reasons are mentioned below:

  • CRC error: CRC is basically used in networking protocols to confirm weather sent data and the received data are same, in case if it does not identify to be the same files RAR files fail to get extracted
  • Change of file extension: in case if you change the extension of RAR file then there are chances of RAR file getting corrupted, if it get corrupted then you will not be able to extract the files from RAR archive

Along with these there are many other reasons which will cause the RAR file to get corrupted simultaneously not to get opened.

But now you don’t have to get frustrated, if you get into any of the above mentioned problem and face the difficulty to extract your RAR files. Because there exists a mighty tool to help you in regarding with the RAR file fixing. If you make use that tool you can easily open the files that are refusing to open.

Have a glance over these following important features of RAR repair tool:

  • This RAR repair software has the capacity of extracting files that are refusing to get extracted   
  • If you RAR file has got damaged due to CRC error then make use this tool to repair it
  • You can run this application on various versions of windows operating system like Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc
  • This repair tool has got several compliments and has created a fame in the market
  • It is an application that is very easy to use
  • You can use this application to repair all versions of RAR files including RAR 1.3, RAR 1.5, RAR 2 and RAR 3
  • This application has been engineered by highly skilled developers
  • This software includes automated repair process
  • In just few minutes you can complete the repair process by using this tool

To know more about RAR file repair log on to:

Follow these below mentioned steps to repair your RAR files:

Download the free trial version of the above told application from our website => install the same on your windows PC => Run the application => by following the appropriate screen steps perform repair process of your RAR files => in case if you feel comfortable in working with the tool then purchase the licensed version of the same tool.

Secure Methods for Mac Formatted USB Drive Recovery

Yesterday, I connected 8 GB USB drive to my Mac computer to backup some crucial files. But, due to sudden power surge, my Mac PC got terminated and I removed the USB drive. Afterwards, when I reconnected, an error message popped up saying that “USB drive not formatted, would you like to format now?” I was in confusion and unintentionally clicked on “Yes” option ends up with data loss. I do not want to lose data, is there any chance to recover lost data from USB drive on Mac computer? If so, then suggest me.

Does the above mentioned situation similar to your case?

If so, then do not worry, since you are not lone user to experience this sort of condition. When you format the USB drive, the files get lost but they become invisible to you. Hence, stop wondering, there is a chance of recovering lost files from USB drive on Mac computer. This process is possible with the aid of USB recovery Mac tool. It is designed with simple user algorithms such that even novice user can effortlessly use this to perform recovery of formatted USB drive on Mac computer. It will get back USB drive on Mac based popular laptops such as iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, etc.

Situations force you to format the USB drive on Mac computer are:

  • Repeatedly connecting and disconnecting USB drive when it is not recognizing in Mac PC:  It is the user mistake that when they connect USB drive to Mac computer, it will result in error message like “your drive does not found” after receiving such message you may disconnect and connect it to PC several times to check whether your drive detects or not. While doing so, there is a chance of corrupting the USB drive. Therefore, you may format it.
  • Abrupt pulling out USB drive during file transfer: At times, while transferring files from USB drive to Mac computer if you eject the USB drive by thinking fi8le transfer process is over. This step may lead to inaccessibility of USB drive. To use this drive in future, you can format it.

This tool works fine in above said scenarios. By making use of this predominantly used software, you can recover your USB drive files at your fingertips. This in turn saves your precious time. It can restore your personal files such as office projects, ppt files, business reports, etc. which are protected from security password. It helps you to identify files by using built-in Mac finder interface. It is able to scan each and every sector of the USB drive for recovering lost files of several types on Mac computer. It allows you to preview recoverable files before actual data restoration.

The trail version of this utility is freely available use it to estimate the amount of USB drive recovery process. As a preventive measure, always remove USB drive from Mac computer using safe remove option, always be careful while formatting drives and do not store files on the same USB drive to avoid overwriting of data. For more details regarding the recovery of USB drive of renowned brands such as SanDisk, HP, Lexar, etc. just visit here:

Attributes for Memory Card Videos Recovery on Mac

“I am need of help….! Few days ago, I have accidentally deleted video of my child’s birthday event from memory card on Mac computer. I do not have legal backup on any other storage device. I am in need of need that video. Can anyone help me to get back deleted video from memory card on Mac PC?”

Does this situation resemble your case?

In the event, if your response is yes, then do not worry. Since, you are not single user to suffer from this kind of video file deletion issue. When you searched on internet, you may get many tools but when the internet does not provide suitable solution, your problem gets bigger. Do not waste your valuable time, immediately start using video file recovery software to get back erased video from memory card on Mac. While using this utility, even novice users won’t feel any difficulty because it provides step by step procedures to such users to use it. This tool is embedded with some advanced features which help you to perform corrupted memory card picture recovery in case of its corruption due to file system conversion error, sudden power failure, etc.

Possible scenarios behind deletion of videos from memory card on Mac:

Third party tool: Before using any genuine software, people prefer to use third party tool to recover video files from memory card on Mac. If that third party tool is not reliable then it may reduce the chance of recovering video files and deletes them.

Sudden power failure: The video file gets delete due to interruption like unexpected power failure during video file transfer process from memory card to Mac computer. If that video file is important to you then it becomes a severe situation for you.  

Planned deletion: Generally, in many cases, if the memory card gets corrupt due to some corruption issues then all the video files present on memory card become inaccessible. In such scenario, you delete those videos from memory card.

Working principle of video file recovery tool:

  • This is ingrained with some advanced scanning technologies to perform deep scanning of memory card to identify and recover deleted video files.
  • It can perform easy recovery of deleted video file formats like MPG, 3GP, RM, 3G2, M4V, etc. from memory card.
  • This software is regarded as non-destructive because while perform recovery of video files, it does not alter original files.
  • It can execute recovery of erased videos from memory card of types like SDXC, SD, XD, CF, MMC, micro SD card.
  • It is perfect tool to perform recovery of video files from memory card of well-liked brands including SanDisk, HP, Sony, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, etc.
  • It comes with demo version which can help you to estimate the approximate output.
  • For complete version, you have to purchase the software.
  • This program is also able to get back video files from memory card used in many renowned brands of digicam like Nikon, Sigma, Pentax, Panasonic, etc. It is compatible with all versions of Mac OS. You can click here to obtain more info about recovery of videos from memory card on Mac:

Here is a Way to Retrieve Files from GoPro SD Card

Files like images, audio, videos, etc. are stored on GoPro camera containing SD card. It is one of the popular cameras used for the purpose of video photography. You can store videos of your friend’s marriage function, office party, child’s birthday event, etc. But, while operating it, you may experience data loss scenarios. In order to avoid loss files from GoPro SD card, you need to take backup of significant files on any of storage devices.

Losing data from GoPro SD card without taking backup is a most heart breaking situation for you. There are many ways, you may find for loss of GoPro SD card. Let us discuss some factors in detail. First one is, interrupted file transfer. Here, while transferring pictures from PC to SD card or vice versa via card reader, sometimes your system may get shutdown due to abrupt power surge. Therefore, it may ends up with loss of files. In this severe situation, you need to utilize GoPro SD card recovery tool to get back files from SD card types such as Micro SD, Mini SD, SDXC and SDHC cards.  

 Second reason behind loss of GoPro SD card files is improper ejection of card reader while the SD card is connected to computer may lead to inaccessibilityof files.

Due to using SD card in many camera models, there is a chance that it may get corrupt resulting in inaccessibility of files. Additionally, if you are a novice user and transferring files from computer to GoPro SD card, during this case you may get unexpected error messages like “your drive needs to be formatted, do you want to format it now?” If you do not know how to react such message and unintentionally click on yes option may result in loss of vital data. To know more reasons behind loss of files from GoPro SD card, just follow this link:

In all these scenarios, you need to make use of one of the brilliant software to restore lost or erased audio of file formats such as AIFF, M4A, M4b, etc. and video files including RM, MOV, AVI, MP4, etc. It performs recovery of files until you overwrite them. It is a safest application to carryout recovery of files on other brands of digital cameras. As a preventive measures,  never eject the card reader while transferring files from GoPro SD card to computer and maintain UPS backup inverter to store files in case of sudden power failure. Never store fresh files on GoPro SD card, it will overwrite the files. Once, you overwrite the files, it is impossible for any recovery program to recover lost or deleted files. After the completion of GoPro SD card recovery process, you can preview the output. It can restore data from various brands of SD card like Kingston, Transcend, etc. It also recovers files from well-known brands of cameras such as Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax, etc.

How to fix Word document that are broken?

MS Word is the most advanced software used by industrial experts worldwide for creating doc and docx files with the help of its wonderful attributes like insertion of images, hyperlink, fonts etc which make the document look more appealing. In spite of all this advantageous features, you have some disadvantages which creates problem for the users. These disadvantages are broken Word file due to which you cannot open your important Word file. There are many reasons which lead to broken Word file like Macro virus, header file corruption, round tripping and more. In such cases you can use Fix Word document tool which can repair broken word document within few clicks of mouse.

There are many scenarios for due to which your Word file gets broken, but the main reason is Macro viruses. These Macro viruses mainly infect the Word files, these viruses are similar to other viruses but they target the Word document. They usually enter the Word document by Macro programs that are used in Ms Word document.  In cases like this, if you are willing to repair broken Word document cased by Macro viruses then make use of our excellent software Fix Word file, which is specifically developed by industrial expert professionals to fix Word files that are broken, Corrupted or damaged on all version of Microsoft Word application like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Another main reason which cases broken Word document is Round Tripping. If you repeatedly change Word file format to other file format and then back to its original format, then there is chance for the Word document to be broken. Once your Word file is broken then you may be not able to add or edit the document and worst you may not be able to open the Word file, if this is the situation you will lose all your valuable data present in the Word file. But do not worry! In situation like this you can make use of Fix Word file utility to repair broken Word document. Click on this link: for better understanding about how the software helps in fixing Word file.

Sometimes while transferring the Word files, if the process is be interrupted due to power failure, improper shutdown of system etc. Then there are chances for header file of the document to corrupt, if the header is corrupted or damaged then it makes the Word file broken, due which user cannot access this valuable Word document.

There are still many other reasons like malfunctioning of MS Word application, file extension conversion, OS crash etc that can end up in broken Word document. Once your Word document is broken then when you try to open those Word files you may receive an error message like   “Microsoft Office Word has encountered a problem and needs to close.”, “Word was unable to read this file.”, “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”, “The Office Open XML File abcde.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the content” and more, which does not allow you to open your Word file.

Why this software?

All the above scenarios can be easily resolved by making use of Fix Word file utility, which can repair broken Word document. It also helps you to repair Word files which are corrupted or damaged due to virus infection, round tripping etc. It can repair your Word file on all Windows based systems like Windows 7, Windows  XP, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. You can also fix broken Word files on all versions of MS Word software like MS Word 2003, MS Word 2010 etc.

All You Need to Know about Delete Forever Utility

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Nowadays, memory cards are widely used in cell phones, digital camera models, etc. to save pictures, videos, audio, etc. Today, assigning memory card to friends, new employees, etc. in banks, hospitals, and offices is very familiar. Before this, there is a necessity to completely delete files from memory card. In order to do this kind of operation, each user can do different process. In case, if you wish to know how to erase files forever from memory card, you have to go through this informative article.

How to can you delete files forever from memory card?

To keep safe your personal memory card files from unknown users, you can perform different processes such as formatting, re-formatting and deleting the files. Today, it is very common that you think that erasing the memory card files by using “Delete” button can lead to complete deletion of data. But in fact, the file still resides in the same lace. In such case, if you hand over this memory card to your friend then there is possibility that he can misuse it. In the event, if that memory card covers your favorite videos, birthday events of your child, etc. During that time, he can misuse it. To avoid your files from such unknown users, you have to erase it completely by utilizing delete forever utility.

In few cases, you may format the memory card of any kinds such as SD card, memory sticks, CF cards, etc. to completely delete files. During the same time, if you handover the memory card to other people then there is a likelihood that he may restore your private files by utilizing some third party utilities obtainable on online. This software can ensure data security by making your data irrecoverable by any type of program.

You may perform reformatting process to erase memory card data permanently from memory card. But there is a possibility of recovery of such data by using third party tools obtainable on online. At this time, you have to use this program to store your data out of reach from other people.

Astonishing features of this genuine program are:

  • It is available with in-built scheduler that helps you to wipe your data forever from memory card as per the scheduled time.
  • Even it can completely wipe your hard drive by using “wipe free disk space” option.
  • This software has amazing feature like quicker drive shredding speed to delete files from hard drive, memory card and other storage device.
  • It is compatible with context menu option that assists you in shredding files and folders on memory card from Windows Operating System of all versions.

This tool is comes with various medium and high data shredding patterns approved by plenty of government agencies. Medium level data shredding patterns are: NAVSO-RLL, NATO, VSITR and high level data shredding patterns covering DOD 5220.28.M (US Department of Defense Standard), Peter Guttmann, Peter Guttmann + DOD 5220.28.M and other data patterns including Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Zero Overwrite, DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD. By using demo version of this application, you can estimate the performance of this software. Both vice and novice user can use this program to permanently delete data from memory card without difficulty. In order to have more knowledge regarding how to delete data permanently then click here:

Preventive steps to be followed by memory card users:

  • Do not exchange your memory card covering valuable data with others.
  • In the event, if you have missed your memory card then make sure that the data can be overwritten and cannot be recovered by unknown users by empowering any recovery software.

Best File Restore Software

If your any important file has been deleted from your desktop, then it is obvious that you would be in great trouble. At any point of time you find that your important file has been deleted from your computer then do not be worried about this you can easily get back your important files . There is a very well-known tool which can recover files deleted from hard drive of a computer very easily. This utility is famous under the name of File Restore tool and used across the globe. You can make use of this tool to recover files from such type of situation very easily in just a few clicks of mouse in just a matter of second.

Some most frequently occurring reasons behind the deletion of file from desktop computer is as discussed below:

  • Accidental deletion is one of the most popular and commonly occurring reasons where you could end up in you important files or folder deletion from your system.
  • On most of the occasions third party tool deletes some very critical files or folders due to virus infection or other reasons. Thus in this event you could lose your some very important file related to office or personal work.
  • Sometimes, when you are transferring files from your system to another removable storage device and any interruption occurs in between this process then it leads to loss of data.
  • Apart from this above mentioned scenario there are many others reasons which lead to deletion or loss of file from computer like file system corruption, improper system shutdown, hardware failure, presence of bad sector on drive and many more.
  • Emptying of Recycle Bin is another possible way where you’re some very important files may get deleted.   To know more visit:
  • When you are using windows inbuilt tool Disk Management Utility to organizing data then chances are fair enough that you end up in deletion of some very important files from desktop.

Regardless of file deletion scenario, you can recover deleted files from system with the help of file restore tool as long as you do not have stored new data on it. Because, if you keep storing new data on it then chance of recovery decreases and chance of overwriting increases. Thus, stop using your storage drive as soon as you come to know that your file has been deleted from your desktop.

This file recovery software has capacity to recover file from SATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives and supports recovery of data from various popular file systems including FAT, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, NTFS etc. It creates disk images to bypass bad sector that are present there and by making use of this tool you can easily recover data from this disk image. It rescues data from formatted or reformatted drive. It has ability to identify and recover data based on their attributes and recovered data can be saved based on their name, size, date of creation etc. Apart from recovery computer hard drive you can also recover various types of external storage devices like memory cards, flash drive and external hard drive. Preview is also available by making use of which you can decide which file to recover and which file to skip.

Bring Back Deleted Partition Data in Few Steps

Have you accidentally deleted partition data while re-installing operating system? If your reply is yes, then no need to worry. Use this most professionally skilled and talented tool known as rescue partition program to get back partition data deleted due to re partitioning of hard drives of different types like IDE, SSD, PATA, SATA and SCSI of Various popular brands like Buffalo, western Digital, LaCie, Maxtor, few mouse clicks.

The partition data can be deleted due to cancelling the partition process while formatting hard drive, accidental deletion, file system conversion error, partition errors, re installing Operating system, hard drive crash, etc. Let us discuss each scenario one by one in detail. Cancelling the partition process while formatting hard drive, here, during continuing formatting of hard drive process you might click on cancel the partitioning process then this leads to improper formatting resulting in partition data deletion.

Accidental deletion, while accessing partition data sometimes you might accidentally click on delete button that  deletes important data present on that data leading to data loss.

File system conversion error, in case of converting file system from FAT 32 to NTFS there might be possibilities of incomplete conversion resulting in error message like insufficient disk space. This will give rise to bad sectors on hard drive leading to deletion of crucial partition making entire data inaccessible.

Partition errors, while doing hard drive partition if any interruption such as unexpected power failure occurs then this might show errors message. This might result in deletion of hard disk partition.

Re-installing Operating system, while re-installing operating system you need to select one partition of your choice for formatting the partitionand if you select the wrong partition unknowingly mean while it ends up deletion of partition leading to data loss.

Hard drive crash, hard drive stores all the data hence; it is a huge storage device of computer. Sometimes, hard drive crashes due to frequent shutdown of computer. This leads to deletion of partition data present on hard drive.

Outstanding features of this tool are:

  • This software is able to bring back deleted RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 partition data like photo, audio, video, documents, emails, etc with ease.
  • This utility is able to rescue partition data deleted due to repartitioning of hard drive.
  • By using this program, you can recover more than 300 types of files such as documents, video, audio, etc. with utmost ease.
  • This program is able to get back deleted data from FAT 16, FAT 32, HFSX, NTFS, ExFAT and HFS+ partitions easily.

This software has the capacity to recover data from USB drive without difficulty. This tool performs safest and secure recovery of data from deleted partition of Windows XP, 2000, 2003, VISTA, 2007 and Mac Snow- Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc. hard drives. Recovered data can be stored based on name of data, size of data, type of data, etc. Demo form of this application is available take it and scans the drive thoroughly to find lost partitions. Preview the result and if you satisfied about the result then purchase this program to restore the recovery process.

Steps to Get Back files from Windows 7

Windows 7 Operating system exhibits modern features such as best desktop background, colored themes, desktop slideshow, best audio identification, best boot performance, etc. It is designed to overcome problems associated with previous versions of Windows Operating system. Therefore, worldwide users install it on desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. and it has the capacity to support a wide range of dissimilar softwares.

Deleting a file intentionally or unintentionally is a non – bearable condition. Have you deleted files accidentally by pressing the delete button? If your reply is yes, then do not get tension, just be calm because there is one outstanding and highly recommended tool and approved by professionals known as file recovery program  to recover deleted files within fractions of seconds.

Most probable reasons resulting in file deletion from Windows 7 are:

  • Antivirus scanning: Worldwide users use authorized and legal antivirus application to scan their computers. During scanning, it deletes the harshly infected files and if such files are important for you then you may experience the situation like file deletion.
  •  Using Shift + Delete: Recycle bin stores important files up to a particular size limit. In some cases, you may accidentally delete some vital files by using Shift + Delete button and later you come to know that you have deleted important files by mistake. Afterwards, you may search whether you have any backup of vital files, if you do not have such files then you may experience file deletion situation.
  •  Unintentional deletion: Everybody uses computer to perform various tasks. Likewise, you are using a PC and storing crucial and non-crucial files on computer on a selected drive. When you wish to delete unwanted files present on particular drive but while carrying out this action, you may be in a hurry you may not be in a condition to check which drive you are deleting among all drives. You may horribly select the drive containing vital files for deletion instead of drive consisting unwanted files leading to file deletion.

To conquer above-mentioned problems it is better for you to use this top rated and highly advanced software to rescue files easily within few minutes. It has the capacity to recover more than 300 file types. This application is very helpful for Windows 7 recover deleted files with great ease. It is built-in advanced scanning algorithms to perform scanning of Windows 7 drive to obtain deleted files effectively. This utility supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 machine at your fingertips. It is used to get back deleted files from bypass Windows Recycle bin when they exceed their size limit. This program can obtain files deleted from the Windows command prompt.

This utility is widely used to get back files from hard drive of popular brands like Seagate, Hitachi, Western digital, Buffalo, Maxtor, etc with great ease. With the aid of this tool user can store recovered files based on file name, size, date, file type, etc. It facilitates user to view recovered files in a hierarchical manner without disturbing original file. This software performs faster recovery of deleted files than previous versions of Operating system.

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