Is the valuable DOCX file won’t open and shows error messages when attempting to gain access? Now, are you searching for reliable software that is capable to fix DOCX file? If true, then stop wondering and readily employ popular software named as Repair DOCX. With the aid of this top rated software, it is possible… Read Article →

These days’ people are so much dependent on the digital cameras as the process of capturing images. By using camera it is so easy and does not need so much effort to store the files. There are so many varieties of settings are available on the digital cameras by using them you can capture images… Read Article →

There are many video file formats such as AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP4 and so on. You can download video songs, movies or any other video files from these types of video formats and play in any media player. But sometimes due to any unwanted reasons, you may suffer from corruption of video files. .Are you… Read Article →

Please anybody help me….! I have a 1 TB hard disk with 2 partitions on Windows PC. Yesterday morning, I could not access the main partitions where I saved significant data such as pictures of office trip, movie files, MP3 files, Word documents, etc. I am sure it has been corrupt as a result of… Read Article →

Mac operating system has been designed and developed Apple Inc. Nowadays, Mac system is preferred by most of the people due to its advanced features. It is a UNIX based operating system and more secure compare to Windows system. You can run large number of applications on Mac computers. Mac system uses a hard drive… Read Article →

Hard drive is the most popular storage device which is generally used by computer users to store and the digital data. These storage device has advanced features compared to other storage device. However, like other storage device hard drives get corrupted due to various reasons such as bad sectors, file system corruption, etc.Due to these… Read Article →

Generally, Video files consist of two types of codec. They are audio and video codec. In video codecs, DivX (Digital Video Express) is one of the mainly used codec which is primarily considered by internet community for sharing videos over internet. It is the codec used for most of the videos downloaded from internet. DivX… Read Article →

External drives are safe-keeping devices are not part of personal computer and therefore are connected to the computer through cable. This is distinct from internal drive. Types of external drives are generally external hard drive, optical devices like CD, digital video disk, Universal serial bus drives, memory stick, and also tape drives floppy disk drives… Read Article →

Have you ever faced a problem related to Microsoft Outlook errors? Have you ever saw these types of error code while working in Outlook such as 0x800ccc15; 0x80042108; 0x800ccc0e; 0x800ccc0b; 0x800ccc79; 0x800ccc67; 0x80040900; 0x800ccc81; 0x80040119; 0x80040600 and so on? If yes then don’t worry friend! At present scenario, this is one of the common issues faced… Read Article →

AVI video file acts as a multimedia container format. AVI means Audio Video Interleave and it is used to store both audio and video information in file container which helps in synchronizing the audio with video playback. Audio Video Interleave was first developed by Microsoft in 1992. It can also be created without compressing, that… Read Article →

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