Nowadays Windows systems provide you the best textual application i.e. Word application. It is very useful for you to maintain crucial information on this Word documents. It allows you to include pictures columns and rows. It is modish with supreme attributes that it can check your grammatical mistakes, coloring, underlining font size and many more…. Read Article →

In computing, PST stands for Personal Storage Table. It is a personal folder file used in Microsoft Outlook. It is used to store email messages, tasks, calender events, notes, contacts and other items within Microsoft Outlook on the computer. Hence, PST file is an important component of Microsoft Outlook. Its storage limit is up to… Read Article →

  Flash drive is a compact storage device, which is used to store and transfer data from one electronic device to other those having ports. It is also called USB flash drive. When we want to transfer a data from one computer to another, the first thing that comes into our mind is to use… Read Article →

Memory stick is basically a removable flash drive used in cell phones, digital cameras, gaming consoles, audio players etc. It is generally used for transfer and storage of files from one device to another device. These cards are named as so, because it uses memory stick that can retain the saved data even when there… Read Article →

Are you worried about your deleted or lost important files? Nowadays, you can easily recover files from your internal hard disk partition as well as external storage media with the help of most reliable and full featured recovery tool known as My File Recovery software. It is a better, smarter, faster tool because this tool… Read Article →

QuickTime is a multimedia player which is capable of handling various digital media file types. It is actually an extensible multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc. Different versions of this player is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. MOV is a common container file format used natively by QuickTime framework. As a container… Read Article →

Nowadays digital cameras are used by everybody to capture best quality pictures. It is easy to access and capture photos from digital cameras in comparison to automation camera. It consists of different features such as transfer, sharing and printing of photos. Digital Camera is compatible with different file format system such as jpg, jpeg, png,… Read Article →

MacBook Pro is a popular laptop designed and developed by Apple Corporation. It is very famous among professionals as well as amateur users because of its wonderful features. Many of you may use MacBook to store different files like documents, text, pictures, videos, etc. But sometimes, simple mistakes committed by user’s can leads to deletion… Read Article →

External hard drive is a gadget, which helps user to store huge amount of data. Most often it is used as a backup storage device. It also supports to share data with other devices. Storing data into external hard drive is not a complicated process, just plug in the external hard disk to system and… Read Article →

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